Welcoming your newborn with highest quality certified safe premium products
Toys for all age groups, from 0 months till 8 years. Give your child the best in learning via toys
Safest fabric for the soft supple skin of your child. We offer a wide range in clothing for your child.

Why Kidzon

Housing the largest collection of globally acclaimed brands, products and accessories for children in the whole of South India, we are on an ever-expanding spree of our diverse product experiences. We have the franchises of some of the world-renowned toy industry veterans, such as Fisherprice, Lego, Funskool, Baybee, Tommy Leap, Frog, Disney, and Pigeon.Our goal is simple: to carry forward our lineage to provide joy to generations.
We want the parents to have the brightest playtime memory with their kids. We want to tickle the babies’ cognitive development. We want to encourage a world of expressions, respect and newer perspectives. We want the kids to discover the magic of all things play!

  • Our products undergo a stringent quality test before they are put up on the store. We ensure your child gets the best, every single time.
  • From newborn, till your child enters school, we offer products which give a holistic development in all phases.
  • We love kids and what is better than letting them have their best time at our stores.
More About Us

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It is natural to expect your child to excel at every sphere of their life. However, recent research shows how it is important to engage your child in various skill building activities to improve their overall skills and ensure holistic development. Kidzon brings to you a range of awesome activities, so your kid grows, learns and you also stay clear of the stress of keeping them busy as you complete your regular chores. Each activity is picked by experts and is right for your baby. Fine motor skills, listening activities, timely reaction and all other aspects of a child’s well being are targeted by the comprehensive range of activities that we offer.

Feeding & Nursing

The moment your little delight is out of the womb, it will need your love and milk the most. Mother’s milk is the best for your baby and lets you nurture the little miracle. The next best is formula milk that is formulated specially to emulate the goodness of mother’s milk if breastfeeding isn’t an option or needs to be supplemented. We have it all to make the process of nurturing your baby a smooth one for you. From nipple shields to nursing pillows and covers, we have it all. Breast pumps, feeding bottles, superior quality formula milk and everything perfect to fill up your baby’s gob.


We have up on offer all modern toys and baby gear so your kid stays happy, learns and you get some bonding time with the baby. Each toy we offer is non-toxic and of the superior quality for your kid’s safety is paramount to us. Every toy is based on recommendations from child development experts. We put in adequate care to ensure that we don’t stock anything that may be hazardous or unrequired for the modern loving household. We offer toys to suit each space and each individual child. Age based segregation has been done so you know what is best and envisage upon a journey with your child.

Cots, Cribs and Cradles

The place where you put your baby to sleep must be as secure and comfortable as the womb and parents’ arms. Kidzon brings to you a wide range of safety approved cots, cribs and cradles so the baby sleeps well and you have a good night sleep too. Everything thoroughly checked to ensure superior security for your delicate little one. Improved modern versions of all traditional designs with the same goodness and better aesthetics. All our products are sturdy and strong keeping your individual tastes in mind. If you have it in your mind we probably have it on our catalog.

Baby Care

As a parent you are always wary of what comes in contact with your delicate little munchkin. Just like a mother’s kiss or a baby’s smile everything that touches your baby must be gentle and superior quality. Kidzon understands the beauty of having a new little addition in the house and offers to you are wide range of awesome baby care products. Each product on the shelves is carefully designed with your baby’s sensitive skin in mind. From diapers to feeding care, everything is carefully selected. Top brands from around the world brought right to you to offer the most natural touch to your baby.

Prams & Strollers

Walk in delight and let your baby see the world outside with the best ergonomically designed prams and strollers available at kidzon. Let not the baby deter you from having a good time. Different prams for different age groups in appealing designs and various patterns to suit your individual needs. All our gear is tested and approved for safety standards so the baby is safe and you are stress free.

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